modules — shorewall6 file





These files specify which kernel modules shorewall6 will load before trying to determine your ip6tables/kernel's capabilities. The modules file is used when LOAD_HELPERS_ONLY=No in shorewall6.conf(5); the helpers file is used when LOAD_HELPERS_ONLY=Yes.

Each record in the files has the following format:

loadmodule modulename [moduleoption...]

The modulename names a kernel module (without suffix). shorewall6 will search for modules based on your MODULESDIR and MODULE_SUFFIX settings in shorewall6.conf(5). The moduleoptions are passed to modprobe (if installed) or to insmod.

The /usr/share/shorewall6/modules file contains a large number of modules. Users are encouraged to copy the file to /etc/shorewall6/modules and modify the copy to load only the modules required or use LOAD_HELPERS_ONLY=Yes.


If you build monolithic kernels and have not installed module-init-tools, then create an empty /etc/shorewall6/modules file; that will prevent shorewall6 from trying to load modules at all.


loadmodule ip_conntrack_ftp ports=21,221







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